Subject [Application] Announcement of PhD thesis support project related to gerontology by Geoson Fund in 2021
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<Announcement of PhD thesis support project related to gerontology from Geoson Fund in 2021>

The Geoson Fund was established with the contribution of the late Ms. Sohn, Young-yeon, mother of the late Professor. Yoon, Jin (who served as the 9th society president) for the academic and practical development of the Korea Gerontological Society. The Geoson Fund runs the Geoson Scholarship Program every year for academic members who are preparing for  their doctoral thesis related to gerontology. We would like to ask you for your interest in the 2020 Geoson Scholarship Program, and would be grateful if you would encourage graduate students to apply for the PhD program related to gerontology. Please refer to the following details for the application qualifications, methods and schedules.

※ Inquiries: General Affairs Department of Korea Gerontological Society (TEL: 0502-562-9106/ E-mail

▶ Application period: March 15th, 2021 to April 23rd, 2021▶ Selection announcement: May 7th,

2021 (to be informed individually via e-mail)▶ Number of winner: 1▶ Amount: 1 million won▶ Eligibility: Graduate students who have passed the doctorate thesis proposal with a topic related to gerontology ▶ Conditions for application: Selected candidates must submit one thesis to the society within 2 years (all scholarships must be returned in case of failing to submit a thesis)

▶ Application Documents ①Geoson Scholarship Application (refer to the society form)-Attachment 1②Research plan (refer to the society form)-Attachment2 ③Resume (including academic background, career and research results, individual forms)④Certificate of enrollment (or certificate of completion) ⑤ Certificate of passed Ph.D thesis proposal (confirming certificates from the Dean of the Graduate School of the Educational Institution, Head of Graduate School, Dean or Head of Department)* Please submit all documents by e-mail, and scan ④ and ⑤ and send them together as  one file.* Please save the file name according to the following example: . (ex. Gil-dong Hong_2021_Geoson* Only documents with a date and time of April 23rd (Fri) 23:59 sent by email will be accepted.