I am Lee Geum-yong,
The 32nd president of the Korea Gerontological Society.

With over 40 years’ worth of history, the Korea Gerontological Society is a multidisciplinary society with over 7,000 academic members and it is known to be the best gerontological society representing Korea. KGS has been leading the discovery of prominent academic, policy, and practical issues on various social problems caused by the rapid aging of the population. We have also been contributing not only to the academic development of gerontology, but we have also been creating certain social values in order to overcome the issues seen in our aging society through in-depth discussions.

KGS has been able to carry on its long tradition thanks to the dedication and passion of past presidents and presidencies. Above all, the interest, encouragement, and active participation of our members have provided as a solid foundation for the growth and development of KGS.
We intend to implement effective businesses during the two-year term of the 32nd presidency, focusing on three key promotion strategies including: multidisciplinary convergence, academic activity and practical competency enhancement, and the expansion of domestic and international exchange and cooperation, as presented in the 「Korea Gerontological Society Vision 2030」.

First, as the directors and members of KGS, we will recruit various scholars in gerontology-related fields to enhance the multidisciplinary convergence. Simultaneously, we will organize and share the results of the convergence research by creating sub-research groups and support discussion forums, workshops, joint research, and writing activities for convergence research at the academic level.
Second, KGS will support policy development and research activities to improve the quality of life in old age by creating a research fund with the consent of the board of directors and the general members to strengthen academic activities and practical competency.
Furthermore, we will support joint research between practitioners and collaborate with professors based on field projects to improve the quality of practice sites. Through these activities and developments, we will carry out field-linked projects to publish field research papers prepared in academic journals.
Lastly, KGS will enhance the cooperative system with other societies and institutions and post them on our website to expand exchanges and cooperation both at home and abroad. We will also promote the opening of an English version of the society's website and expand the publication of English papers in academic journals to encourage exchanges with foreign scholars and organizations.
We intend to enhance the members’ sense of belonging and solidarity and support academic growth by carrying out our projects to grow the integrity of the society and expand its boundaries. Ultimately, we hope to become a society that continuously creates social values both in the policy and practice settings.

The 32nd presidency will do its best to develop the society with a heavy sense of responsibility. We ask for your continuous interest and active participation, as well as your sincere advices and warm encouragement, going forward.

We wish you continuous academic progress and health. Thank you.

Lee, Geum-yong, 32nd President of Korea Gerontological Society